S. Korea and the metaverse

New opportunities for content creators

One truth in all of the internet whether web1, web2, or web3 is that information and content are key. Web2 has seen content as the main drive for all sales, education, advertisement, entertainment, and more. With the looming creation of web3 and metaverses, there is indeed a need for more content and the idea of what constitutes content will change as well.

The metaverse is a worldwide phenomenon that is gripping all with the fervor it deserves because it does signal a changing of the guard so to speak once again for the world wide web as a whole. With the looming evolution of the web, there are indeed companies in every country trying to find a way into what will potentially bring trillions of dollars of profit.


The S.Korean science and ICT ministry are getting involved in the metaverse as well with a plan to recruit companies that opt to participate in the 2022 Metaverse Content Creation Project it is hosting. This is being promoted as a leading metaverse strategy for the country.

The Ministry of Science and ICT are working together with the National Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA for short) to recruit companies that want to build on the metaverse. The plan is to support those companies as they build metaverse projects that could help the S.Korean community as a whole, there are also plans for NFT creation and sales. The goal is to concrete trust in the content creation sector for the metaverse in S. Korea.

The director of software policy-a Heo Won-Seok, is quoted as explaining the sudden adoption of the metaverse by the South Korean government

This project is being promoted as part of the metaverse new industry-leading strategy. We will work hard to lay the groundwork for Korea to leap forward as a leading nation in the metaverse by providing content that can be enjoyed by various age groups and supporting for creative activities of creators.

Currently, there is a July 8, deadline for all companies that wish to participate in the initiative and those that wish to participate would need to create consortiums with token-issuing companies.