Will Coinbase Become The Dominant Crypto Leader?

TL:DR Coinbase, the US-based crypto exchange, delivers exceptional performance in a “transformational” quarter, surprising Wall Street. Industry experts believe Coinbase is executing its growth strategy effectively, with cost-cutting measures and international expansion driving its success. Despite regulatory uncertainties, Coinbase’s strategic initiatives and potential for derivatives trading position it as a key player in the crypto […]

Ripple Secures A Victory Against The SEC

In the ongoing legal battle between Ripple and the SEC, Ripple has achieved a small victory by successfully opposing the SEC’s motion to seal the “Hinman Speech documents.” These internal files consist of SEC drafts and emails related to a speech given by William Hinman, former Director of the SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance, over […]

Avenged Sevenfold Frontman Believes In The Power Of NFTs

TL;DR: Avenged Sevenfold frontman M. Shadows recognizes the potential of integrating NFTs and crypto into gaming, citing the value of digital goods and their scarcity. He emphasizes that game quality should come before association with NFTs or crypto, advocating for content and utility to take precedence over crypto jargon. Sanders acknowledges the backlash against NFTs […]

Too Many Scams Causes UK To Urge Crypto Be Classified As Gambling

TL;DR: The UK House of Commons Treasury Committee suggests regulating crypto trading as gambling, overseen by the Gambling Commission and guided by the Gambling Act 2005. This includes preventing problem gambling, implementing safeguards, and taxing crypto trades as gambling. The committee acknowledges the efficiency of cryptocurrencies for international payments but warns about the risks associated […]

Ripple Acquires Metaco in $250 Million Deal

TL;DR: Ripple acquires Metaco, a digital asset custody company, in a $250 million deal. The acquisition allows Ripple to expand into the institutional crypto custody market and provide tokenization tools and custody infrastructure. Ripple predicts that the institutional crypto custody market will reach $10 trillion by 2030. Ripple, the blockchain technology company, has acquired Swiss […]

Bancor Facing Lawsuit For Alleged Deceptive Practices

TL;DR: Bancor is facing a class-action lawsuit alleging deceptive practices and operating as an unregistered security. The lawsuit revolves around Bancor’s impermanent loss protection mechanism (ILP) and centralized operations. Plaintiffs seek restitution, damages, and interest for substantial losses incurred. Bancor, a leading player in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, is facing a class-action lawsuit filed […]

A Plan To Get Rid Of The SEC

Crypto Industry wants to utilize Supreme Court Doctorine TL;DR: The crypto industry is pinning its hopes on the major questions doctrine, established by a Supreme Court decision, to limit the SEC’s regulatory authority. Coinbase has cited the doctrine in response to the SEC’s Wells notice, arguing against the SEC’s unilateral decision-making on token classification. Former […]

So, Nobody Really Likes Biden’s Latest Crypto Tax Idea

Biden’s Crypto Tax Gets Blasted TL;DR: The American Institute for Economic Research criticizes President Biden’s proposed tax on crypto miners and gives a failing grade to the Council of Economic Advisors. They argue that the proposed tax does not incentivize reduced electricity usage but rather encourages a shift to untaxed activities. The report challenges the […]

Gensler Makes Claim The SEC Is Here To Help Crypto

  TL;DR: SEC Chair Gary Gensler asserts that the SEC has already published rules for crypto companies to follow. Gensler refutes claims that the SEC is falling behind on enforcement and highlights the agency’s previous cases. He criticizes crypto companies for building fraudulent business models and emphasizes the importance of compliance.   In a keynote […]

Justine Bateman Speaks On The Danger Of AI

Renowned Actress and Computer Scientist Urges Action to Protect Actors and Creativity in the Age of Artificial Intelligence TL;DR: Justine Bateman, a computer scientist and actress, warns that the entertainment industry must address the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) now or risk making future labor actions ineffective. She emphasizes the need for strong rules and […]