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NFTPizzeria plans to cross
the metaverse bridge to reality

Recently in searching for new Solana projects we came across a project that can be believed to be truly bridging the gap between the web and reality. Web3 poses new ways to interact digitally and will fuel the growth of the metaverse as a whole. The question on many peoples mind is what can web3 really do that has not already been done with web2. With the implementation of various VR projects, NFT projects and blockchain the emergence and utility of the metaverse is well documented and opportunities are aplenty.

One lingering question is how web3 can be more interactive or useful than web2 , this project NFTPizzeria plans to bridge the gap between virtual reality and reality by providing real deliveries of pizza to users of their NFT. We had the pleasure of talking to the lead of the project about plans for the NFT and the future of NFTPizzeria. It was a great conversation and we can say that we are very excited about this project and its potential to be one of the first projects to cross the bridge from Metaverse to real life.

Solanews:Your project seems very revolutionary , would you say that your project is one that breaks barriers between web3 and the real world?

NFTPizzeria : Absolutely, the idea behind the birth of this project is just that. We want to reach as many people as possible, and to do that, creating a bridge between the two worlds is the right way to go. NFT, despite being much talked about in recent times, is still understood by too few people. We want to break that barrier, and we’re confident that showcasing something solid and tangible, like a pizzeria in our case, is the winning move. In addition, we want to educate our community, giving them tools and notions that are easy to understand. The transition from web3 to the real world definitely requires extra effort. You enter a totally different reality, and so far not very common in the NFT world. In the future we expect to see more and more projects that can break this barrier. We decided to be among the first, because we believe that this is the right direction.

SN: What made you decide on using pizza as a method for selling your nft?

NP:We are an Italian team, pizza is an institution for us, as well as something iconic. Pizza is also the most loved food in the world. Suffice it to say that you can find a pizzeria in every city, even the smallest. There are many variants of pizza, in many cities were born different types. This makes us understand the great love behind this dish. Moreover we see pizza as an aggregation. The term pizza sometimes replaces that of dinner, it is not unusual to ask friends to come over to eat a pizza. Pizza can also be shared, one slice each, all around a table. This is true aggregation.

SN: Will your project really deliver pizza to owners?

NP: Certainly, and not just any pizza, but one of excellent quality. Just like NFT, we want to put love into the preparation of our pizza, to give our holders and customers a superior quality product. Pizza delivery will take place both on the Metaverse and in the real world. Once the pizzerias open in the Metaverse we will hire people who will take care of delivering pizzas to our holders, as well as to all other hungry users. In the real world we will offer an ordinary pizzeria service with home deliveries. For the holders, who will accumulate our Pizza Tokens over time, will be possible to redeem them into free pizzas.

SN: Are your NFTs going to offer any type of real utility to owners?

NP:Yes, our holders will be an integral part of the project. First and foremost they will feel part of a family and will be able to make decisions for the future of NFTPizzeria. Already from the first drop, “OGs”, we will give each of them a numbered NFTPizzeria hoodie. The design and features of the hoodie will be chosen by them. Subsequently, from the release of the Pizza Tokens, the holders will be remunerated in various ways. They can get free pizzas, merchandising, prizes of various kinds and trips to the city where the pizzeria is located. They will always find the doors of the pizzeria open, for them it will be a place of aggregation. Also, the proceeds of the pizzerias in the Metaverse will be distributed with them, only possible option there for legal reasons.

SN: Do you have any plans for the metaverse? Maybe a metaverse Pizzeria?

NP: We would like to offer you our delicious pizza also in the new world, the Metaverse. The opening of the pizzeria will take place in the Solana Metaverse. We have already purchased two buildings in “The Neighbourhood”, an exclusive neighborhood where our pizzeria will not be out of place. But why offer pizza in the Metaverse? We are sure that in the coming years life in the Metaverse will be prominent, thanks to the great interest and investments that are being made. Precisely for the latter reason, we are planning to expand on the “Portal” as well, given the recent investments by FTX and Binance.

SN:Would you see your project creating web3 based pizza franchises at all?

NP: Although we are at an early stage we believe in a possible expansion through franchising. We would like to start giving the opportunity to other enthusiasts to open their pizzeria in the metaverse in franchise with us. Obviously, as with any franchise, will be to respect the guidelines, such as the design of the pizzeria, service and products offered. In the future, to streamline the expansion process we will also evaluate real-world franchise options. However, this will only be possible once the pizzeria is financially stable, and its name well recognized.

SN:What made you choose the Solana blockchain?

NP: The choice towards Solana’s blockchain was dictated by simplicity and convenience of use. As mentioned above, we would like to attract as many users as possible to the world of crypto, even newbies. Solana has a lot of advantages over others, and first and foremost we believe very much in the Solana project. Creating a Solana wallet is really easy and intuitive. The gas fees are also much lower than other blockchains.

SN:What are your plans for holders in the future?

NP: We want our holders to believe in the project as much as we do. We want to see NFTPizzeria grow organically over the years. Following the first drop, limited to only 555 NFTs, we will make a second one, much less limited. The goal is to attract more and more people as we achieve initial credibility. Our holders, especially the OGs, will be fundamental, they will have decision making power. To make an example: the design and the designer of the second realese will be chosen by the holders of the first NFT. Thanks to our Pizza Token we want to reward their participation in the community and encourage them to hold the NFT.

SN: What can you tell me about the team? How many members , what are their backgrounds?

NP: We are a completely Italian team, for the moment. The Founder, aka Stroll, despite a medical background has immediately believed in NFT and has put himself in the game. PsyFio is the talented artist and graphic designer of NFTPizzeria. The two developers are XXKushino and Abraxas, they have experience in programming with JavaScript, Python and Rust. The strategy part is entrusted to PizzaBoy4L and Vespa, both with a financial background. We plan to expand in the future, to increase the quality and level of NFTPizzeria.

There you have it pizza in the metaverse and in the real world, bridging the gap between VR and the real world. This is a very innovative project and a team with great enthusiasm and entrepreneurial dynamism. If you love pizza (and really who doesn’t?), this could possibly be a project for you. The original mint will be very limited so perhaps now is the time to learn more about NFTPizzeria here

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