Masters Of The Universe NFT Collection Announced By Mattel and Cryptoys

By the power of Grayskull!

The Mightiest

He-man has seen a bit of a renaissance lately. The popular 80’s character has enjoyed a successful reimagining with two different Netflix offerings, one by comic guru Kevin Smith which was created just for fans of the 80’s cartoon, a new 3D offering to reboot the series for a younger audience, and even a possible movie for the big screen. Though there have been some critics to the new offerings there is positive reception as well. He-man is back and he is back in a big way with his Masters of The Universe.



Kevin Smith and Netflix's Masters of The Universe

Mighty Offering

This past Wednesday Mattell announced a partnership with Cryptoys in which both of the companies plan to release a new NFT collecton based on Masters Of The Universe. The new collection will be made and offered in sync with the 40th anniversary of the show. The Masters of the Universe is a well-known franchise that includes HE-Man and She-Ra, both of whom have seen new shows created to continue their legacy. The toy line was released in 1981 and the cartoon was considered by some to be a glorified ad campaign.

Masters Of The Universe drop by Cryptoys

Cryptoys combines toys, gaming, and entertainment on their platform to drive their NFT sales by leveraging the Flow network. Flow is a blockchain project that has been utilized by Top Shot the famously successful NFT collection by Dapper Labs. The Masters Of The Universe collection will release in three separate waves. The first wave will feature four main characters, those characters will be Prince Adam /HE-Man. Prince Adam is the character that becomes HE-Man by holding up the Sword Of Power and chanting “By the power of Grayskull, I have the power!” Another charcter in the first wave will be the enemy and sworn devotee to Skeletor; Tri-Klops, he will be joined by He-Man’s loyal cat sidekick Cringer who becomes the fearsome Battle Cat after transformaton. Finally Evil-Lyn the vile witch who aids Skeletor as his second-in-command will also be a part of the first wave.

The second and third waves will continue to build upon the offerings by Cryptoys as the collection will see its run from November 2022 to January of 2023. Those other waves will feature characters such as Orko, Man-at-Arms, Skeletor, and Beast-Man.

The Masters Of The Universe roster is large Cryptoys has a lot to play with

Mattel’s global head of digital gaming, Mike DeLaet made a statement on the franchise and the collection:

“With a unique ability to remain at the forefront of pop culture for 40 years, Mattel’s Masters of the Universe IP has an extremely high consumer awareness level and strong collectability value.”

Mighty Drop

Each wave of the drop will consist of 10,000 NFTs bringing the total number for the collection to 40k. The characters in the collection will have different skins and seven unique rarity levels. As the skin gets rarer the “power” of the NFT will increase. This is not the first time Mattel has employed the power of NFTs to push their toys. The company has worked on a Hot Wheels collection on the Wax blockchain and has worked with VeeFriends for a limited edition UNO deck featuring the characters of Gary Vee’s cute NFT collection.

Cryptoys has enjoyed a successful partnership with Mattel as the company has raised $23 million at the end of June during a funding round that saw Mattel as one of the investors joined by Andreessen Horowits, Sound Ventures, DApper Labs, Animoca Brands, Acrew Capital, and Draper & Associates. Mattel joins other toy giants Hasbro and and Funko in capitalizing on blockchain and NFT technology.

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