Luxury Shopping in the metaverse

The Alibaba group has launched a new shopping portal in the metaverse. The new portal is focused on luxury goods and allows shoppers a new experience in web3.

The new platform will soon host a fashion show in web3 using AR that will be accessible to select brands. Shoppers will be given a “Meta Pass” that would give priority digital access to brands and products.


The metaverse has allowed companies to create 3D offerings , augmented reality fashion try-ons, and digital avatars for digital collectibles. In Shanghai luxury executives attended an awards ceremony in the metaverse.

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Alibaby head of luxury division Janet Wang claimed “Before “metaverse” became a buzzword, we had already transformed this buzzword into a. Commercial reality” stating that the company was ahead of the curve.

The new platform offered by Alibaby will feature major luxury brands and already has brands such as Richemont, Kering, LVMH, and OTB have already begun showcasing their products on the XR experience. 

The next step will be the AR fashion show that is in collaboration with Vogue in China and many other artists. Many brand mascots will showcase the wares on a virtual runway starting September 22.Viewers will be able to  interact with the mascot and take selfies with them. 

The followers of fashion within Alibaba can also gain access to a Meta Pass which is the free entry into the metaverse created by Alibaba giving the holder the right to luxury services such as priority purchase of products and admission to offline activities of their favorite brands.

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