LG New Marketplace for NFT called “LG Art Labs”

LG has launched its own NFT marketplace, making it the second Korean television-maker company to do so.

LG has just launched its own NFT marketplace dubbed “LG Art Labs”. The marketplace is available to all US owners of  LG televisions that run web0S 5.0.

To get to the marketplace is simple just go to the Home Screen and download the app. The marketplace allows the user to buy , sell, and trade NFTs from the comfort of their own home.


The transactions are handled via Wallypto which is an in-app crypto wallet created by LG and developed by the Hedera Network. The Hedera network makes use of a distributed ledger system called hashgraph. The hashgraph has high speed, high-functioning, and high-efficiency smart contracts and is very cheap to trade on, reminiscent of the Solana blockchain.

LG follows in the steps of Samsung in creating a NFT marketplace embedded into their televisions. Samsung had previously announced a partnership with Nifty Gateway back in March of 2022 where users could view, buy, trade, and display NFTs through the interface on the TVs.

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