KyberSwap Suffers front end exploit

$265,000 lost 

KyberSwap now joins the exploit alumni as it recently suffered a front-end exploit. The Exploit happened this week and saw the decentralized exchange lose $265K worth of assets.

Kyber Network is a liquidity protocol created by KyberSwap and reports were confirmed that the network was the victim of the attack and that the situation was quickly identified and corrected.

The network then announced that the front end would be shut down for investigations to occur. There was malicious code in the Google Tag Manager and it was immediately disabled.

The company made an announcement that gave a timeline as to what occurred and what was taking place since the incident.


During further checks there was evidence that disabling the GMT , the script that was causing the issue was gone and thus the suspicious activity had ceased as well. It was discovered that the exploit was discreet and only whale accounts were targeted. A whale account is an account with a very large amount of assets.

The UI was restored and steps were taken to identify the attacker’s addresses.

The amount of funds lost was totaled at $265K but the company assured users that it was safe to use KyberSwap as there was no smart contract vulnerability. The team also warned users about certain transactions and gave them an image to help them know what to look out for.

Currently things are still going strong on the Kyber Network and there are no more signs of any type of vulnerability.

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