New network has some investors claiming green

New cryptocurrency HUH is the native token of the HUH network, a new network geared towards users, creators and fans. The network has ambitions to be foundational in that it is free and censorship-less.  

The HUH network also plans to be a Proof-Of-Stake platform just like Solana, Avalanche and soon Ethereum. This PoS system will allow for instant and cheap transactions. The goal of influence as a currency and a decentralized metaverse where everyone gains from their contributions is at the forefront of the project. 

Huh will power a blockchain, a wallet, and an exchange. The MetaHUH foundation will strive to be the first destination for all developers, creators and users. The journey is meant to be more streamlined and simple with the platform. 

As a network HUH will be an EVM compatible, base layer blockchain.  This means that any projects that work with EVM compatible blockchains can then be ported directly over to HUH.

The ticket is meant as a tool to allow applications built on the network to run a PoS consensus system and be used for governance.  Having the token gives the user voting rights for all major decisions carried out on the HUH ecosystem.

HUH is being touted as a blockchain for networks and a system of DeFi products, social apps, and networks that are free of censorship and data theft. Truly the platform makes a lot of promises. More about the HUH network can be found on their whitepaper. There are many new blockchains and tokens being created and introduced to the masses, whether the HUH network can succeed all depends on how closely it can match its actions to its whitepaper’s promises. Early community members that purchase the presale tokens are promised a 12% token allocation when they purchase with BTC or USDT ERC-20 coins.

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