Horizon Announces Successful $40 million Series A round

Plans to make web3 easy, fun, and powerful for both users and builders.

In a recent announcement Horizon has let the web3 community know that it is laser focused on building hte future of web3. The company promises to use the funds to create a web3 that is easy, fun, and powerful.

The Series A round was led by Brevan Howard Digital and Morgan Creek Digital. The two leaders were joined with “significant contributions” made by Take-Two Interactive software ( owners of Rockstar Games and the GTA franchise, 2K, and Zuniga), Polygon, Ubisoft, Xsolla, BITKRAFT,Initialized Capital, Quantstamp, Everyrealm, Sky9 Capital, Round13 Capital, Xchange, Translink, CMT Digital, j17 Sentiment Capital, Perpetual Value Partners, Unicorn Partners and many key individual investors.


Horizon was built near the end of 2017 and has delivered products focused on correcting any issues in web3 by unlocking utility and fixing shortcomings. The team has built the Sequence which enables users to build web3 games and apps relatively easy, Skyweaver– a blockchain game, and Niftyswap a new decentralized marketplace for the easy trading of SFTs, web3 game items, and metaverse collectibles.The new

SkyWeaver Aims To Pave The Way Into The Future For Digital Card Games |  MMORPG.com

The New funding will go to build on all of these projects and make them better. With Sequence getting more focus on the onboarding of builders, Skyweaver gaining more content and community features, and launching Niftyswap.

Skyweaver has been touted as the “the best blockchain game” by a few as the game enables seamless experiences for those new to the blockchain and blockchain gaming.

The team at Horizon dealt with onboarding, wallets, gas fees, data, and indexing all to make sure players weren’t bogged down by the technical aspect of gaming on the blockchain.  All of that effort led to the creation of Sequence. 

Follow The Sequence

The team hopes to make Sequence the de facto platform for any company or project that wants to build games, a metaverse, marketplace, NFT, or consumer-facing web3 products.  There have already been many products created using Sequence such as .Skyweaver, Sunflower Land, BoomLand, Ethernia, Mechachain, Metalcore, Mech, i3Soft, CyBall, and Dark Earth; NFT ecosystems like Cool Cats, DAZN Boxing, and Myntr; gaming platforms like Community Gaming; marketplaces like Niftyswap, Nalnda, and OnePlanet;

This is a large list with the team at Horizon stating there are more than 100 more in the pipeline with teams building on Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism, AValance, or Another EVM-compatible chain – al of which will utilize their very own Sequence Wallet.

Sequence is poised to deliver a seamless web3 experience


The “best” blockchain game will also see some of the funds being used to enhance it. The game has already deployed 100 patch updates and released 600 cards welcoming hundreds of thousands of players as well.  There have been more additions made to the game such as tradeable stickers, Legacy hero skins, and weekly treasures. The team hopes to create an Amabassadors and Creators program , guilds, a robust tournament circuit, and more. 


Finally there is Niftyswap. Niftyswap will be a marketplace for web3 collectibles. The platform will provide front-end access to the decentralized and open source NiftySwap Protocol.  This platform eases the trade of SFTs or Semi-Fungible Tokens and is enabled by ERC-115 which was co-authored by Horizon back in 2018.

The team at Horizon is laser focused on growth and continuing to make web3 easier for everyone. The company started simply and is now 60 members large with members in 16 different countries. Horizon wants to make web3 better for everyone and they just might be the ones to do it.      

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