Heir Ties Tokens To High School Players 

Sports have become synonymous with web3 as many NFT projects and offerings have been tied to athletes or sporting brands. When it comes to athletes NFTs and NIL (Name ,Image, Likeness) are constantly being referred to. As the NFT market faces a bearish pull one platform still believes utilizing future college superstars is the way to increase sales.

Solanews has reported on Heir before. The company co-founded by Michael Jordan’s Son is poised to bring web3 to the forefront with an event planned for this September in Atlanta, Ga. The event will be this September 9-10 in Atlanta , and will be called NFT JAM , a play off of the name of NBA JAM which was a massively popular NBA arcade game back in the 90s.

The highlight of the event will be a 2 vs 2 full-court basketball tournament inspired by that very game.

Top High School athletes will be playing to make a huge impression on the fans in the stands.These students will also be signing a partnership agreement with HEIR as part of their NIL. This agreement will help with the launch of Web23 House which will provide educational programming and creator tools.

Heir has always been about connecting fans with their favorite athletes and this project will continue that push. Bringing high school stars into the fold was always one of the main focal points of the HEIR brand. The 2v2 competition coupled with NFTs is meant to provide a platform that is innovative and creative for players and the communities behind them. 

NFTs have become deeply embedded in sports and the Dapper Labs NBA Top Shot project was what skyrocketed this phenomenon.Recently Dapper Labs has signed a contract with the NFL and we could probably see a NFL Top Shots project.

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