Google Cloud Allows Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin Payments Available

Service in conjunction with Coinbase and only offered to a “handful” of customers

Google has announced today that in a partnership with Coinbase it will accept crypto payments for cloud services starting early next year. 

This deal was announced at the Cloud Next event this year. The event is where Google announces its cloud computing business to other companies. The cloud computing business currently accounts for 10% of the revenue of the internet company.

The crypto payments will be accepted from what Google calls a “handful” of customers through integration with Coinbase Commerce which is a payments tool for businesses created by the crypto exchange.  The platform is expected to help move “data-related” apps away from Amazon Web Services and over to Google.

Though the exact deals of the partnership have not been made public it is known that Coinbase will earn a cut of every transaction that utilizes the system. The Coinbase Commerce platform currently supports ten cryptocurrencies which include Bitcoin, Ethereum Dogecoin, and Tether.

Google has not guaranteed that this specific partnership would be permanent as other processing options from competitors are available such as one from Paypal. Google is notorious for starting projects and then jumping ship so only time will tell what this partnership will bring.

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