Get Buzzed with Solana inspired Beer

A new beer enters the market with Solana NFTs as art.

BarrelDAO introduced a new product for consumption that could leave you a little buzzed. The product is a new beer that uses avatars of the biggest NFT projects on the Solana blockchain as art for the cans.

The Solana market is becoming more than just a blockchain, it is becoming a brand. Nothing could prove this point further than by simply looking at all that is coming into play. Currently there is a Solana mobile phone operating system, a Solana flagship phone, Solana Store in New York, and now there is a Solana beer.

The Solana Summer Shandy is here right in time for the end of the summer.  The beer is a lemonade infused beverage that does not come from the Solana Labs but instead is a product of BarrelDAO. BarrelDAO is a distillery that is owned and governed by users. The beer is currently limited edition with only 333 16 packs being sold each for 1.33 SOL a bit more than $40 currently which includes the shipping to the US,UK,and Australia. The beers are sold via NFTs and are available to be redeemed this Monday Aug.29.

The team was serious about the rollout of the beer and even had a catchy commercial made to build hype for the product.

The original sale was meant to be an affair carried out on Magic Eden but there were difficulties getting that underway. 

The artwork of the cans features avatars from Solana projects DeGods, Degenerate Ape Academy, Okay Bears, Solana Monkey Business, Cets on Crek, Catalina Whale Mixer, and John Lê’s “The First Edition” all in artwork done by Mark Lauthier. The artwork on the cans is either owned by the BarrelDAO co-founders or show up due to licensing agreements with the individual holders of the artwork.

“Over the past three days , we painstakingly went through and licensed every single NFT used in this can design” Dave Goldman co-founder and CEO of Barrel Labs stated. The team at Barrel Labs wanted to set a standard for IP use in the NFT space. 

IP rights are a hot topic in the NFT space as many projects promise the free use of the art once the user purchases but Galaxy Digital released a report that stated licenses like those of Bored Apes contain contradictions regarding the ownership of said IP and that Yuga Labs and Proof, the creator of Moonbirds, have misled NFT owners about the extent of those IP rights.

The debate continues and as these are still considered early days there is still time to clear up any misconceptions. Currently holders are more than excited about using their rights to participate in product launches. One NFT collector showed his enthusiasm via tweet:

Currently the BarrelDAO is also selling the artwork as an NFT for a very low price of 0.69 SOL

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