Big Name Gaming Companies Show Interest in Web3 and blockchain gaming

Anti-NFT and Anti-Web3 gamers will not sway the decision of some of the biggest gaming companies to adopt the technology.

Big names such as Namco, SEGA, and Square-Enix have expressed interested in utilizing NFTs and the blockchain in the future of their games and other offerings. Square Enix has recently sold NFTs based on the popular Final Fantasy series. Oasys representative Roy Matsubara spoke to media outlets during the 2022 Tokyo Games Show and stated how companies are feeling towards the new technology and the unfavorable sentiment by some of the gamers:

“We have a shared vision about blockchain at the executive level. They don’t [want to] change that policy. They really understand the future adoption of blockchain. They’re not thinking about, you know, just the revenue, they want to create the next future [of gaming].”

Many of these companies have famous games already out in development. Square-Enix has the popular Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Titles, SEGA is famous for Sonic the Hedgehog and Vanquish, NAMCO is famous for their fighting games TEKKEN and Soul Calibur. The companies are not necessarily looking into making those games web3 but instead are focused on the possibility of creating new IPs that utilize the technology.

Blockchain gaming is relatively new and offers multiple ways for companies to interact with the new markets and create new avenues for gamers to play and earn. The sector is completely new and needs time to develop into something mainstream but those that get into it now are definitely able to capitalize off of what has been seen as the future by some.

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Matsubara noted that a “big problem” in the space is that many projects at the moment are too dependent on the price of in-game tokens thus creating more focus on speculation than gameplay. This has been spoken on by many as a lot of the play-to-earn games are boring but allow for earning of in-game tokens. Axie Infinity has recently gone through an update and gameplay change with Axie Origiins. 

The blockchain gaming sphere has undergone a lot of changes with many companies now putting more focus on the gameplay than the tokenization of the game. A good example of this would be MetaOps which focuses on its FPS gaming first and tokens second. 

Luke Sillay, Lead Community Manager. Of Animoca Brands subsidiary Blowfish Studios had the same sentiment. Luke stated that people want games that are more fun to play than an actual hustle to earn tokens. Earning tokens is of course a great draw to gaming and a major portion of the blockchain gaming idea but a game that isn’t fun would lose out on users and tokens would not mean as much, this happened to Axie Inifnity.

Oasys has a proof-of-stake method  like Solana and the new Ethereum upgrade that has been touted to be better for gaming, Oasys is set for a mainnet launch by the end of this year and games made for the blockchain will be announced around that time as well.

More companies outside of Japan are looking into blockchain gaming as well. Epic Games has increased its exposure to the technology and has recently released its first NFT game Blankos Block Party by Mythical Games.

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