Ford Moves Into The Metaverse

The car company is going all in

Though sentiment towards NFTs has taken a bit of a die lately there is no denying it is a technology of the future. The question of the moment is what is the correct way to use the technology without seeming like a cash-grab or scam. True enough a lot of “rug pulls”,projects shipping out only as “art projects”, or projects changing the promises they stated before mint all have contributed to the decline of trust towards the technology.

All of the negativity aside the technology is very promising and many major brands have been looking into making use of the technology to further push sales, customer benefits, memberships and more Nike has successfully used NFTs to sell more shoes, Tiffany and Co. has been able to successfully sell high-priced luxury NFTs and real-life items, Starbucks just created Starbucks Odyssey an NFT powered loyalty program or its customers to earn new NFTs called “stars”  by completing “journeys”.

Recently the Ford Company has stated they are interested in web3 and have made news by filing 19 trademark applications across all of its major car brands such as Mustang, Bronco, Lincoln, Explorer and more.

The trademarks were filed in the United States Patent and Trade Office USPTO on Sept.2 and detail all of the plans that Ford has when it comes to their project. These plans include downloadable artwork, text, audio, and videos all featuring the vehicles that will also be authenticated by NFT technology.

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Ford has plans to release the “downloadable virtual goods” including computer programs that feature parts and accessories for the cars. The company has plans for virtual clothing and virtual tech to mod out cars as well. All of these virtual assets will be available for use in virtual worlds with some NFTs being created to redeem real-life vehicles. Ford has plans for online trade shows as well where users can participate via AR or VR. 

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