Decentralands’ MetaVerse Music Festival Is Upon Us

The Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival

This Metaverse Musical event this year has a great cast of talent for your listening and viewing pleasure!


The Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival is back for a second year. This year has a goal to beat the 50,000 attendance of unique attendees of last year. The event is set to take place this November from the 10th to the 13th. There are over 100 artists currently slated for the event which includes talent such as Vladimir Cauchemar from France, SNH48,CryptoPunk Raper Spottie WiFi, and the Japanese girl group Atarashi Gakko. These talents will be joined by major stars Ozzy Osborne and Soulja Boy and Dylan Francis.

Decentraland has stated plans to double down on the music in the  metaverse and showcase some of the new technology it has been working on as well.  

“New motion-capture technology will also be demonstrated on this global stage from which enables motion capture with no suits and that aims to empower creators to make emote NFTs using only a phone camera”


In 2021 The first Metaverse Music Festival claimed over 50,000 unique visitors over a four day run. The team at Decentraland has plans to surpass that amount even during a time when the attendance numbers of the platform have come into question. Decentraland and The Sandbox have both refuted claims that their metaverses were “basically empty.” Decentraland has stated they have reached just under 56K users a month. The claims came from a report on DappRadar and once the metaverse platform stated how DappRadar should collect the numbers the platform changed its tactics only to find 657 users a day instead.

Other platforms that are not metaverses have already had concerts that were very popular. Fortnite has had a Travis Scott and Ariana Grande concert that both drew tens of millions of viewers while Roblox had a show with Lil Nas X that received 33 million views.

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