Death by Monkey

Massive email marketing platform makes things difficult for crypto providers.

Crypto related content creators are finding it harder to contact their communities with recent suspensions being passed out by the email marketing platform they chose to use- Mailchimp. The email marketing platform has decided to begin suspending accounts of anything crypto-related,including media outlets such as Decrypt.

Mailchimp is used by multiple businesses to get out newsletters, offers, and information to large numbers of users that sign up for their services.Users are able to input content that is then sent out to subscribers that inform or include offers. Currently Mailchimp seems to be against anything that has to do with crypto.

It would appear no crypto company is safe-even if legitimate. Companies such as Decrypt,Messari, as well as crypto secure Edge Wallet have fallen victim to the axe of Mailchimp. Some of these companies had been using Mailchimp for more than 4 years.

A twitter thread has appeared with multiple people speaking on the mailing platform randomly suspending their account with no warning or explanations.Other platforms have come up to state they allow crypto-companies like Emailoctopus.More companies came out to express their concerns of the actions taken by Mailchimp and how they feel it is completely wrong.

Messari Founder Ryan Selkis was quick to fire back at Mailchimp stating “Thank you for deplatforming some of crypto’s most reputable brands in the past 48 hours, you’re proving our point. Mailchimp-and all speech censors- must be destroyed” The marketing lead of Messari Jared Ronis also added that there was no warnings and that the subscriber list was unable to be accessed. The crypto site Decrypt was also affected with no warning or explanation. 

There were several companies that issued complaints about the situation or that went to twitter to declare what had happened. Solanews had the pleasure of speaking with Joelly Garcia and Paul Puey of Edge Wallet about the secure crypto wallet and the security measures it would provide for users. Mrs. Garcia, who is the Community Manager, was preparing to send out a bi-weekly newsletter only to find out the account was deactivated. Paul Puey believes the problem may have to do with email itself as the technology hasn’t been brought into web3 at the moment.

NFT artist Ocarina had their account suspended as well when trying to inform the community about an oncoming drop. The excuse given was that the content in the email and industry was conflicting with the Acceptable Use Policy of the platform.

An even better explanation was given to Jesse Friedland stating that there is no way for Mailchimp to allow businesses involved in crypto to use their platform.

Mr.Puey of Edge Wallet stated he does not see this as an answer to the Tornado Cash but rather just the poor decision of a high ranking official of Mailchimp. Mailchimp did in fact respond to crypto senders back in 2018 when it tweeted the following:

Many argued that this was the platform using semantics to defend censorship and some even stated the policy was ridiculous.

Currently crypto is not only listed as prohibited content on Mailchimp but on Constant Contact one of the largest email marketing platforms as well.

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