CryptoPets are a brand new, amazing augmented reality NFT project.

This project is set to make history and be included in the Omniverse.



Introducing CryptoPets – a brand new amazing Augmented Reality NFT project that is about to launch very soon on the Solana blockchain. Since it’s inception Augmented reality has been more of a gimmick or a great way to see what a sofa will look like in your living room and nothing more. CryptoPets have been designed to use augmented reality technology seamlessly and in preparation for what the is being called the “omniverse.” There is a plan for use of the pets with the Metaverse but as of yet details are yet to be divulged. The pets do not have an app associated with them , instead you scan a digital CryptoPet QR code to Interact. The pets will be available to play with in any situation you deem fit as you can use them like you would any other AR application. The pet NFT come completely rendered in 3D and are ready for AR technology on any device. you could essentially use your phone or pad to play around with the NFT.






In the game of NFT scarcity and rarity is the name of the game. The rarer a certain artifact is the more it is worth, and as always when the supply is low and the demand is high, that also raises the value of a particular item. The creators of CryptoPets have decided to create 9,999 different CryptoPets and not make another batch after that. Those lucky buyers are joining a project that promises utility in the future with the purchase. There are a lot of projects in the making but not many have a planned utility after purchase. The scarcity, rarity, and utility of CryptoPets make this project one of the few that could bring back a pretty sizable ROI after purchase.


In the NFT and DeFi sphere there is a lot of talk of the metaverse, an online reality that will shape and define the future of all human to human or human to machine interaction, think of the movie “Ready Player One” , but just a little more realistic. Mark Zuckerberg has stated he wants Facebook to be known as the “metaverse company” during a business call in July. what that means is he wants Facebook to be on the forefront of creating a virtual world where people interact, shop, play ,and live. Though the metaverse is a well- established idea, the omniverse has yet to be discussed clearly, though the idea is quite enticing.


Make history


CryptoPets have been selected as the absolute first of many partners of the yet to be defined omniverse. Owners of these CryptoPets will ensure passage into the omniverse first and other great rewards. This means that not are CryptoPets an amazing NFT asset, but they are a piece of history as well. To be able to use this technology and participate in another type of pioneering technology is definitely a big draw to an already stellar product.


Pick a pet


The time for minting the CryptoPets is almost upon us all, if you wish to gain access to this opportunity then it is best to first check the website at There you will find more about the product as well as the roadmap and links to all of their other social media outlets. Some of those outlets are having sweepstakes so if you hurry you may find yourself in some very good company and possibly even win some amazing prizes.


Looking back onto my childhood I remember clearly owning my first digital pet, a Tamagotchi. My Tomagotchi was a little digital kitten. I had to feed and play with that kitten on a small screen that was kept on a key-chain, connected to my schoolbag. I tried my best to keep my kitten fed and happy,but one day I ended up losing the key-chain. There have been many more digital pets ,such as Digimon and Pokemon, but in today’s climate the best type of digital pet is the one that takes care of you instead.


The Solana network is going to be home to some amazing projects and CryptoPets is aiming to be one of the most memorable. The augmented reality NFT is set to take on the Metaverse and even the Omniverse when it is announced. The future of the NFT market and GameFi is looking brighter by the day.


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