CryptoPets is currently well on-schedule for their release. For the uninitiated: Cryptopets is not just an NFT, instead is a new NFT project built on the Solana blockchain that will make good use of Augmented Reality to interact with your asset. We at Solanews have already done an introductory article about this project which you can find here. Today, we intend to do more of a deep dive into the project, allowing you- the reader, to have even more information about this upcoming project.

CryptoPets was designed in an 8bit aesthetic to honor the first generation of games ever released. The project itself -led by 5 dedicated individuals shows massive promise. There is a genius developer (no really he’s a genius), a designer, a blockchain industry and capital markets expert, a venture builder, and a lawyer. These individuals have each been very successful in their field. They have decided to put their talent to the test working together towards success with this new project.

The team chose to do this project on the Solana blockchain with the sole purpose of displaying the ability to have different blockchains work together. The group has an even bigger project called the Omniverse planned for creation on the Ethereum blockchain. They wanted to show their NFT, despite being on a different chain, would still be usable. They plan to make this magic happen using a Layer-2 bridge that they are building in-house. Of course, another reason Solana was chosen was due to these simple facts:

1. On Solana, there are no gas wars.

2. It is a Metaplex Standard

3. There are some incentives from the Solana foundation, and of course,

4. Solana is a dynamic network with low fees and new adoption.

As with all NFT lately, there has to be some type of utility for a project to fully succeed and not just be considered as overpriced jpegs. Not only are you able to view your pet in augmented reality, but the developers have begun their work on their play-to-earn game entitled CryptoDash. CryptoDash is a red light, green light styled game based on the super popular television show Squid Game, minus the death. If caught moving while the seeker turns around your character will just be pushed back by a laser. Your

CryptoPets will not only be your ticket into the game but your avatar as well. Once your wallet is connected you can choose a lobby and join in on the fun. The game has been designed to be super fun and as a bonus, there are a few monetization mechanics as well:

1. Play-to-Earn: Play-to-earn will have separate lobbies — entrance to each lobby will vary by entry price. The top 3 of each lobby will share in the spoils of victory.

2. Passive: Passive will involve a structure not too far from what is already being done with Axie infinity and scholars. A rental system will be put in place where you can rent your pet out to those that want to participate in the games but don’t have a CryptoPet.

These are just a few of the ideas the amazing developers of CryptoPets have in mind. The developers have many more ideas to keep the community going and engaged as they have partnered with some of the largest names in the blockchain industry.CryptoPets will also have a partner program for content creators with incentives like honorary NFTs. These honorary NFTs will grant access to both CryptoDash and Omniverse game releases.



If you think Play-to-Earn is interesting then you will want to pay attention to this next part of our report. The minds of CryptoPets are busy working on what they are going to call The Omniverse. This Omniverse is an open-source NFT gaming ecosystem that allows developers to create gaming worlds for players to interact with. The amazing part of this project is that any NFT from any chain will be usable as in-game avatars CryptoPets will be the very first partner for the Omniverse and provide BETA access, thus adding to their value immediately.

Some may wonder how the developers plan to transition to the metaverse as it is indeed a major project. The main goal it seems is the building of the Omniverse and the CryptoPets are a sort of a trial NFT to help the developers grow, maintain, and complete the Omniverse as a whole. As the creators work together the data they learn from this initial project will then be used to better serve the holders and general public. In speaking with one of the developers of the project we were able to learn of the technology being used on CryptoPets. “CryptoPets deploys a lot of technology that we intend to use for the Omniverse. While developing CryptoDash, we are learning for Omniverse at the same time” he states in a Q&A session with us at Solanews. “CryptoDash will begin gradually transitioning to Omniverse work so that holders continue to get more value. They will also get first access to everything Omniverse Related. Omniverse will host a range of different design styles highlighting the furthermore advanced end of the gaming spectrum, while CryptoPets Highlights the other more basic spectrum.

The project stands out from all of the other projects on the Solana chain in one very crucial element- Augmented Reality. The project is the first of its kind as it utilizes AR tech and doesn’t require an app. The utility and roadmap are planned out much clearer than most projects on the market today and are very promising. The roadmap is so clear that, for the most part, the developer says his team is ahead of schedule and is already working on the funding for the Omniverse.

When speaking to the team about the NFT market today they expressed enthusiasm about the recent explosion of the NFT space but also remind everyone to be cautious. There are indeed many new projects coming out daily and buyers should take extra care not to just jump into any project. Most projects these days need to have a proper utility to stand above the crowd.

The developers of CryptoPets have a project that touts some amazing utility and many ideas for player interaction and retention. These days many projects on the Solana blockchain have turned out to be utter disappointments, so it is very refreshing to see a project that is so well-planned. We at Solanews wish the developers of the project total success.

Remember you can get even more news about Solana and Solana-based projects on all our channels. None of the information on Solanews is financial advice or advertisement. We highly inform you to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and make decisions that will benefit yourself and your lifestyle. Some of the projects and assets may be held by the staff here at Solanews.

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