Crypto Friendly Prime Minister?

The new prime minister of The United Kingdom has stated that the nation “should welcome cryptocurrencies” does she still feel the same?

Liz Truss is the new Prime Minister of The United Kingdom , taking over from Boris Johnson and beating her opponent Rishi Sunak by 14.8%.

Before becoming Prime Minister Truss was the Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs in the UK. During her time in office she advocated for an anti-regulatory approach to digital assets. In 2018 she stated the U.K “should welcome cryptocurrencies in a way that doesn’t constrain their potential.” During her time as Secretary of State for International Trade she launched a digital trade network in 2020 promoting fintech firms as well.

These sentiments are great but Mrs. Truss has been known to be a political shapeshifter changing her views to fit the narrative of the group she believes will benefit her at the time. At one point the politician was anti-monarchy but has since come out as pro-monarchy. She has been known to change her political views and messages constantly to fit into a narrative that some feel she believes will bring her victory at the time. 

Rishi Sunak was also pro-crypto and at this time it is not sure if he will join her cabinet or even if her cabinet will involve anyone that is pro-crypto. She has been quoted as stating she had a “bold plan” for cutting taxes and growing the economy of The United Kingdom but that has yet to be revealed, though the government is currently considering more legalized paths to regulating stablecoins as well as deciding on the overal role of crypto in the country.

Co-Founder of the India Blockchain Forum Sharat Chandra believes her elevation to Prime Minister is a positive sign for crypto as it will further bolster the government’s agenda towards digital assets which includes stablecoins and payment regulations. Truss has also been called a “visionary leader “ by Edul Patel CEO and co-founder of Mudrex a global crypto investing platform. There were also kind words given by Gaurav Mehta , founder of Catax,which is a web3 accounting and taxation startup. Mehta saw her election as a positive development for libertarian crypto enthusiasts.

Solanews Congratulates Mrs.Truss and looks forward to her crypto initiatives in the future.

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