Targeted In Fake Job Scam

The Lazarus Group is at it again

Yet another target has been made in an advertisement scheme by the Lazarus group, a North Korean  linked hacker group. The attack encourages members of the crypto community to download a PDF pretending to showcase open jobs at which includes an Art Director role set in Singapore. 

As the candidate downloads the PDF they are then victim to a trojan horse attack which releases all of their financial information and personal data. This latest attack mirrors the same type that occurred in August. The hacker group targeted candidates with a direct message offering a job on LinkedIn for an Engineering Manager, Product Security position at Coinbase.

It would seem that the goal of the Lazarus group is to get as much sensitive information as possible from as many people as it can. The group has been heavily focused on crypto and NFTs as they were behind the $622 million hack on Ronin Bridge- the Ethereum sidechain that supports Axie Infinity. The United States Treasury Department issued a blacklisted status on the wallet with the funds and placed it on an official sanctions list.

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The North Korean Government has denied any involvement with the group but a United Nations report indicated a portion of the nations nuclear and ballistic missile programs were funded by cyberattacks and crypto exchange

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