Co-founder of Dapper Labs goes Hollywood

Mack Flavelle will be in the presence of greats such as The Rock and Charlize Theron

The co-founder of Dapper Labs and The CryptoKitties is going Hollywood. Mack Flavelle has signed a deal with WME which is one of the top talent agencies in Hollywood representing talents such as Charlize Theron, The Rock, Meek Mill, and Alicia Keys.

Flavelle has been instrumental in pushing NFT technology and helped elevate its popularity when he brought CryptoKitties out. CryptoKitties has had one of the longest runs of NFT projects as it has been around since 2017. The game allows players to buy, breed, and sell their cartoonish kitties and it is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

The signing with this agency means that Flavelle now has access to a company that has a diverse portfolio and connections to Endeavor which owns the UFC. There will be many opportunities for collaborations with other companies, shows, movies, etc.

WME has an interest in NFTs and has signed Bright Moments, Non-Fungible Heroes, and Boss Beauties within the span of a year. The company also represents the Bored Ape Yacht Club DJ Duo Escape plan. WME also signed a deal with Pixel Vault, a web3 media company. Pixel vault recently obtained $100 million in investments this year.

Dapper Labs is known for its NBA Top Shot NFT collection which has done exceptionally well and Flavelle has launched the Big Head Club to which he is CEO and Founder. The Big Head Club is a full-service NFT studio and has already produced collections like Stoner Cats and Germinations from Jim Carrey.




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