China Cracking Down On Copyright Infringement Through NFTs

Derivative artwork projects and creators of digital collectibles that are based on other people’s art may have their days numbered as Chinese authorities are going after them. The offensive campaign created by the government is part of the anti-piracy campaign  combating infringement and piracy online.

The National Copyright Administration of China (NCAC) has launched their new campaign recently against piracy on the internet and this is in conjunction with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, The Ministry of Public Security, and the State Internet Information Office of the People’s Republic.

The goal of the initiative is to improve the supervision of copyrights of online businesses. This will be achieved by investigating cases that involve the sale and distribution of products on short video, live broadcast, and e-commerce platforms. The initiative will see violators swiftly dearth with.

Innovative technologies are a main worry for the NCAC as copyright protections stemming from these activities are more vulnerable to infringement. One of the main new innovative technologies that could be used for negative use are NFTs. 

The authority plans to “severely crack down on the unauthorized use of other people’ s works of art, music, animation, games, film, and television to create NFTs, make digital collections and sell pirated scripts through the internet”

Strengthening the entire copyright chain for the online product will ensure progress and promote standards for regulation and imposing of penalties.  This could be instrumental in increasing the establishment of a market-oriented, legalized international business environment, thus providing support for the copyrights needed to stimulate all innovations in entrepreneurship.

China has allowed the issuance of NFTs but has not allowed for speculation using them. Many of the bigger companies such as Ant Group and Tencent have distanced themselves from the technology as the Beijing government has requested and has instead called NFTs digital collectibles instead. WeChat has begun suspending accounts that are linked to NFTs.

China has had a history of plagiarism and copyright infringement. Recent changes in dealing with piracy and the implementation of new regulations and punishments have been made to change that.  The new regulations seek to push those regulations into the web3 sphere as the technology continues to grow.

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