Chainalysis helps US government retrieve $30 million from Axie Infinity hack

Chainalysis helps the US government retrieve some of the stolen funds.

In a new Twitter thread Chainalysis has confirmed its part in aiding the United States government in retrieving over $30 million that was part of the massive Ronin Wallet heist.

Erin Plante , a senior executive of the company spoke on how malicious players have used up to 12,000 different crypto addresses to hide their tracks and demonstrate the sophistication of their laundering skills.

The recent sanctions of Tornado Cash have also been instrumental in getting back the funds as hackers have been forced to use other methods to move the assets that have seen them using DeFi services to chain hop or switch between several different kinds of crypto in a single transaction, this is less secure than what was offered by Tornado Cash. 

Chainalysis states that hackers appear to be using bridges to obscure where these funds are coming from. 

The Axie Infinity hack was initiated by the hacker group Lazarus which is based in North Korea. The US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on the Tornado Cash platform in an attempt to curve illegal activities happening in the space. 

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