In Binance’s Footsteps, Bybit Introduces Zero Fee Trading

Like many other trading companies

One of the biggest derivative exchanges out there, Bybit has currently introduced a feature that would see all spot trading made with no fees. The platform states the altruistic reason of being for the good of its customers while some investors are  questioning whether they are rebalancing profits in another area.

Bybit announced the zero fees on their website with the statement:

“Celebrate 10 million Users with 0 Fees on Spot and more Amazing Perks” 

Bybit CEO Ben Zhou continued with:

”The past eight months have been rocky for the crypto industry, but amid the doom and gloom, we continue to buckle down and BUIDL. On this note, we’re extremely proud to hit our next milestone a strength of 10 million users and counting” 

Some view this as a marketing strategy by the company to get more customers interested. The announcement also promised to reward new customers that use the spot feature with $600 as a thank you.There will be other perks such as zero-fee promotion.

Trading customers are able to trade USDT perpetual , and USDC options contracts concurrently using the unified margin account without transferring assets back and forth across multiple accounts. 

These moves resemble those made by Binance that stated fees were going to be waived for spot trading for 13 BTC trading pairs which include USDT, BUSD, USDC, and EUR.


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