Bringing The Magic to Web3

Disney seems to be ready to embrace NFT and DeFi technology

Bring the Magic to Work 

A recent job post on LinkedIn shows Disney is actively searching for a lawyer to look into opportunities for delving into web3. The post goes on to state the job would be working at an “accelerated and aggressive timeline.”

The hire would partner with other business teams that would be tasked with planning projects focused on new emerging technology projects which would include the metaverse and decentralized finance. The lawyer is tasked with performing due diligence when it comes to web3 technology such as NFTs, the blockchain, third party marketplaces, and cloud provider projects. The candidate would be tasked with negotiating and drafting the agreements for those projects as well.

Magic to Web3

The post was published on LinkedIn this past Saturday . The current CEO of Disney, Bob Chapek made a statement at the recent D23 Expo that the company is looking into exploring and developing plans for the metaverse. It was also reported that the company hired long-time Apple White as the vice president of their “Next Generation Storytelling Creative Experiences” metaverse initiative which also has a consumer branch called “Next Generation Storytelling & Consumer Experiences” which will have Mark Bozon,the Vice president , in charge.

Disney CEO lays out early plan for digital future By Reuters

Careful with wording

In speaking of the metaverse, the CEO of Disney stated that the company tends “not to use the M word too often, as it has a lot of hair on it” instead opting to call it “Next Gen Storytelling.” Chapek has gone on to state that Disney+ will be more of an experiential lifestyle platform, one in which the entire company can embody both the physical things you enjoy at a theme park and the digital experiences you can get through the media offerings. What this translates to is the CEO has aspirations to use the technology of web3, VR, AR, the metaverse, and what he hints as “something more” to provide the ability to experience the rides of the park from home or a designated location.

Futuristic Disney+

Chapek stated that Disney is aware of what you watch and what you do in the park as a family and if given permission the company could tailor a Disney+ experience according to what you did at the park and vice versa, “telling stories in a third dimension.”

The position will see the applicant work in the legal department of Walt Disney. The applicant should have at least 5 years of experience managing and running complex corporate transactions.

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