Blue chip NFT holders eligible for rewards program thanks to AssetDash

According to a Wednesday press release..AssetDash, which is the leading modern operating system for investors, has just launched Dashdeals -an asset-based rewards program modeled after AMEX rewards.

The rewards program has been launched with DeGods,CryptoPunks, BoredApes, Magic Eden and MonkeDAO and other high-end NFT projects “immediately eligible” to receive rewards. 

This translates to holders being rewarded just for having the NFT in their wallet. AssetDash launched a DashDeals Shopify app last month allowing retailers to offer deals to NFT holders within a matter of seconds. This allows brands to tap directly into web3 communities and offer product deals from Unstoppable Domains, Amazon, Apple, and Ubuntu.

The digital rewards system is a new way for retailers to access clientele and provide ways to create loyalty to their brands.

DashDeals and this initiative can be used by NFT platforms to add extra utility by building a stronger connection to brands and partners. Currently MonkeDAO has its members invested in AssetDash as the DashDeals initiative provides the. same concept as “AMEX rewards” with multiple discounts and experiences rewarded to the holders of certain assets.

“With DashDeals investors can unlock hundreds of deals based on assets that they own, and brands easily get their product in front of the web3 community” stated Matias Dorta CEO of AssetDash.

Holder can begin receiving rewards by visiting the link here.

Many projects struggle with providing lasting utility to holders. An NFT is only as strong as the utility for the asset, projects backed by significant corporate backing are indeed scrutinized as they should have the financial means to provide proper utility to purchasers of the asset. A lot of projects have been treating their assets as membership cards that provide access to communities and special events. 

This initiative is here to give holders more reasons to hold onto their NFTs instead of assuming they are simply just speculative assets. NFTs need to soar past the speculative state in order to truly catch on since the sentiment towards NFTs has soured lately.

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