Bitcoin Depot Set To Go Public: Valuation at $885 million.

Atlanta based crypto ATM company ready to make moves.

Since crypto has started there have been innovations made in the sector to bring more users and eyes onto the environment. One particular way of getting people involved is to bring real world applications into the fray. Crypto ATMs are one way of doing this and one company -Bitcoin Depot, has been able to do this very well for over 6 years.

Bitcoin Depot owner Brandon Mintz

Bitcoin Depot is an Atlanta based company founded in 2016 that provides Bitcoin ATMs around the country. The company is set to go public via a special acquisition vehicle with a value of $885 million. 

The company provides the United States with over 7,000 Bitcoin ATM Kiosks in the country. To use one of the bitcoin ATMs a user simply connects their wallet and completes the verification process. After passing verification the users is able to insert fiat for BTC,LTC, or ETH.

Despite the bear market the company has been able to continue to grow and the CEO Brandon Mintz has expressed an interest in targeting acquisitions once the company goes public.

Bitcoin Depot will combine with GSR II Meteora Acquisition Corp which is a SPAC or business focused on special acquisitions. Companies that are SPACs are publicly traded and created for the purpose of acquiring existing companies. 

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