Are We There Yet?

Meta to produce metaverse inspired Series

Meta, formerly known as Facebook , wants everyone to know how serious the company is about their rebrand and building on the metaverse.  The company has decided to roll out a series of episodes that will show the development processes of creating the metaverse for the general public. The show will be titled “Are we there yet” and is not meant to be confused with the Ice Cube movie of 2005.

The show is hosted by comedian Keke Palmer and has been described as part Bill Nye and part Comedian in Cars Getting Coffee. During the show Palmer will travel with other artists , creators, and exports as they explore the metaverse discussing the technology and how it can change society by helping people be more collaborative and have a better sense of connection.

Image property of Meta

The first episode has already aired this past July 26 at 9 a.m and featured Mrs. Palmer hosting the Meta Vice President of the Metaverse Vishal Shah. Shah covered Horizon Worlds the VR community created by Meta and their offering to Jordan Peele’s feature film nope.

The show hopes to educate and prepare the general public for the metaverse and the future of web3 being created by those at Meta. The company has been very focused on creating a web3 offering that Zuckerberg sees as a new way to socialize, advertise, and monetize.

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